Dreaming Big…..

I love to make plans.  Travel plans. Weekend plans. Hiking plans. Life plans.  I’m a planner. I love to dream BIG! It’s enjoyable and makes me happy.  Sometimes my plans are practical and easy to achieve.  A day hike on a new trail.  Some plans are long-term and over-the-top.  A two-week road trip through the Southwest.  And then there are the plans that are pure fantasy (for now!).  Selling the house and living in a van.

I love all my dreams.  The dreams that will become reality and the dreams that will only ever live in my head.  Dreaming and hoping and planning are good for my soul.  I love to think of all the possibilities that life has to offer.  Not achieving some of my more fantastical dreams does not make them any less fun to dream.

Sometimes I dream a dream for only a moment, but some will linger for my lifetime.

It’s so important to be able to dream and plan without limitation.  I may not have the time/money right now to road trip for two-weeks but that doesn’t mean my imagination can’t go!  And someday I will get there.  Or not.

I love having a child-like ability to dream without logic and reason. But also the capability to pull off a well organized plan.

I think everyone should allow themselves to dream big! The bigger the better. Allow yourself to imagine endless possibilities…. You never know where those dreams will take you!

Photo taken in Wrightsville Beach, NC, July 2016

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