Who Am I


My first blog post.  It’s about me.  That’s probably a faux pas of some sort in the blogging world, but I honestly didn’t know where else to start.  I have a thousand ideas in my head but they seem like a bit too much for the first post.  I decided to start with something easy (or maybe not); me.

At nearly 37, I am supposed to be a grownup.  I do grown up things like work, pay bills, be married, raise kids.  But I really want to just go outside and play in the dirt.  I daydream about visiting far off lands and exploring.  My mind wanders to adventures.

I have a husband and three teenagers, two of which live at home.  Two boys. One girl. “Wife” and “Mom” are tough titles to bear.  I fail a lot.  There will probably be a lot of blog posts about them. My husband and children that is, but also my failures.

I work. Full-time.  In “Corporate America”.  I hate it.  It kills my soul.  But it also pays the mortgage.  It’s a horrible joke that I must live through daily.  My commute is one hour each way.  That’s two hours per day that I spend in car staring at the bumper of the car in front of me.  It’s wasteful unproductive time. I can’t read or crochet or blog.  I just sit in my car.  Occasionally I listen to music but mostly I like the silence.  I am going to refrain from talking too much about my work and disdain for it because there is a ton of good blogging material for future posts.

I love to hike.  I love every single thing about hiking. I love my boots and hiking socks and how my feet feel when I put them on.  I love the smell of the woods.  I love the dirt.  I love the quiet.  The longest hike was 26 miles.  It was a charity hike and I did it with a big group of people in one day.  Most of my hikes are shorter. 3 to 12 miles.  My mom is my hiking partner and sometimes my husband.  I wish hiking paid the mortgage.

I love to read.  I will read anything that looks interesting.  My second blog post will be a book review.

Some other things I love that I will blog about…..travel , coffee, dining out, interesting people, my family, my hobbies.

Some things I hate that I will blog about…..hatred and a lack of compassion in the world and the individuals that live here.

I am looking forward to sharing all my doing and thinking.


all the photos are my own….I also love photography.  I will note at the end of each post where and when (if I remember) the picture was taken.  The photo above was taken at Fort Fischer in North Carolina in June 2015.

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