A New Challenge

I hate the gym. Or at least I thought I did.  There have been periods in my life where I tolerated going to the gym and enjoyed lifting weights, but mostly it’s torture for me.  I love to walk and hike, so that has been my exercise.  As much as I hate the gym, I... Continue Reading →

Dreaming Big…..

I love to make plans.  Travel plans. Weekend plans. Hiking plans. Life plans.  I'm a planner. I love to dream BIG! It's enjoyable and makes me happy.  Sometimes my plans are practical and easy to achieve.  A day hike on a new trail.  Some plans are long-term and over-the-top.  A two-week road trip through the... Continue Reading →

A sense of longing

I am writing this blog on my lunch break. At my desk. In an office. In a building. In a city. That I don't like. My husband is here.... Boulder, CO.  He is visiting our son in Denver for the week and took a little day trip to Boulder (on my prompting).  I knew he... Continue Reading →

I hike…

Hiking. This should be an easy post to write because I love hiking.  But how can I express to you how fulfilling such a simple, easy activity is for me.  It's therapy.  The cheapest, easiest therapy available. I love being alone in the woods. I love the way it smells. In the winter the woods... Continue Reading →

February Book Reviews

One of my New Year's goals was to read one fiction and one nonfiction book each month.  The books I read in February were Tears We Cannot Stop by Michael Eric Dyson and Necessary Lies by Diane Chamberlain. Tears We Cannot Stop (A Sermon to White America) is the first book I've read by Dyson... Continue Reading →

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